ONO's Voice vol.7

Group Synergy Created by Strong "Individuals"

「Group Synergy」

We will further improve management efficiency by pursuing overall optimization from individual optimization while the extent of our business spreads. Above all, we will further refine our individual strengths and this will lead to an improvement in the capabilities of our entire group.
We, the nms Group, are truly on our way.

We switched to a holding company structure in April this year. Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation took over operation of our human resource solution business (worker dispatch and contract manufacturing). This has made clearer the functions of our "holdings company" that is responsible for group business supervision and management and our four "operating companies" that are responsible for individual areas of business.

Taking advantage of this, we have been discussing what the nms Group wants to be and our mid-term vision with the management of each firm in our group since May. This is a process-oriented discussion in terms of what kind of corporate group we are aiming to be and how will we achieve that rather than a "mid-term plan" based on numerical figures.

Since July, the number of members participating in these discussions has been increasing and the companies in our group have also started to talk about and tackle how they will contribute in the future with what kind of vision and also about the "functions" to enhance across our group.

The companies in the nms Group have a variety of foundations. This has meant that the opinions and ideas expressed have also been diverse. I have once again been able to feel the size of our latent potential. At the same time, I also have a feeling that it has become possible to see what may occur (what we may bring about) in the future to achieve an unprecedented growth trajectory.

The nms Group is a corporate group with diverse cultures in terms of our HS, EMS and PS businesses. With each of these becoming strong "individuals" and by this accumulating with multiplication from addition, I am convinced that true synergy will be born. We have just started on this new path, but we will continue to push ahead with increasing speed.

: Human Resource Solution Business
: Electronics Manufacturing Service Business
: Power Supply Business