ONO's Voice vol.6

Vietnam Business Outlook

We turned subsidiaries in Thailand and Vietnam into consolidated companies from the first quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2018. These three companies are planning to proceed with full-fledged business activities and becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we made the decision to include them in our consolidated subsidiaries.

In particular, business in Vietnam is developing favorably. The firm has been able to secure more than 1,000 workers in the six months since establishing an office in the country. The number of projects being undertaken – starting with automotive part assembly work – has been steadily increasing in terms of contract manufacturing. The firm is planning to increase its number of production personnel to 1,300 workers by the end of 2017 due to an increase in the production volume it is undertaking. The size of its business is steadily increasing.

The firm will work on the following as new efforts to expand the scope of its business in the future.

  • Increase the scope of the business it undertakes (e.g. quality control and inspection work)
  • Build a structure to provide education to local workers and promote the training of highly skilled professionals by taking advantage of the functions of NMS INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES CO., LTD. which provides human resource services to further improve the quality of the work it undertakes

The development of business in Vietnam is truly a good example of taking advantage of group synergy. The human resource solution and electronics manufacturing services businesses in our group have combined to manage factories that take full advantage of their respective areas of expertise with built-in optimization of production lines, technical education for production personnel and automation know-how for personnel/labor-saving in addition to the supply of human resources.

The number of inquiries and proposal requests from companies has also been increasing based on “China Plus One.” Therefore, we can expect business in Vietnam to grow rapidly. The next step is how to roll this out to other countries and regions. The nms Group would like to grow while developing activities rooted in each country and region with “human resource solutions + Japanese quality manufacturing.”