ONO's Voice vol.4

Borderless Human Resource Development
小野塾 The next generation of leaders engaged in discussion at the Onojuku.

In April 2017, the nms Group changed to a holdings company format.
This represents the beginning of a new stage and the launching point for future advancement.

This year, the blooming of the cherry blossoms also marked the timing of several new teammates joining the company. As these new teammates eagerly discussed their aspirations employee ceremony, I could sense an air of potential and reliability. I also felt a renewed sense of responsibility as a company.

Last year, we held the Onojuku, a private cram school for leadership education and training.
As a new endeavor, it was a process of trial and error for me personally but I was truly moved during the final presentations by employees speaking passionately about their commitment to personal growth and the growth of the company.

This training is not limited to Japan.
The nms Group now conducts to training at 55 offices in 7 countries.
As we continue to expand our business onto the global stage, we have numerous employees who are transcending language and cultural differences and, through their work, are contributing to social development in various regions.
While gaining experience working within the nms Group,
our employees also learn and grow through their interactions with customers.

In Japan, foreign technical intern training programs are expanding as we are beginning to see proactive initiatives towards the acceptance of high-level foreign workers.
Accepting foreign workers in fields facing labor shortages and providing skills training for these workers.
The workers then apply these skills in their home countries to contribute to the development of their country and communities.
The nms Group is also focused on staffing services.

Human resource development is borderless.
Moving forward, the nms Group will continue place people at the core of our foundation as we aim for growth in promising markets in Japan and overseas.