Power Supply Business


We offer improved solutions for power supply and power supply-related products with our high-level technical abilities.

  • Development and manufacture of various power supply products with safety, reliability and high quality to suit customers’ requirements as a professional of power supply products
  • Provision of power supply and power supply-related technology that suits customers’ requirements and improve added value of products
  • Ability to respond to a variety of set items in cooperation with Human Resource Solution Business and Electronics Manufacturing Service Business, and establish manufacturing and sales frameworks that flexibly respond to market needs
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    Power supply for LED
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    Ballast power supply for projector
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    For medical equipment
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    Battery charger

Responding to various customer requirements with PST solution

Our power supply technology for high-voltage power supplies, low-voltage power supplies, high-voltage transformers and magnet rolls contributes to the improvement of the products’ functionality in a wide variety of areas, such as home appliances, industrial equipment and medical equipment.
Customers’ requirements throughout the world are varying and requirements for power supply products are diversifying. We develop and mass-produce products that solve customers’ issues by combining high heat-release design technology, high added-value design and safety design. We establish flexible manufacturing and sales frameworks utilizing global networks of the nms Group and a combination of manufacturing technologies.

The most sophisticated power supplies with safety and reliability, and contributions to the improvement of customers’ added value

Combining the power supply and power supply-related technology of Power Supply Business, such as high-voltage power supply technology and high-voltage transformers with manufacturing technology and industrial technology of Electronics Manufacturing Service Business, we put our products into a wide range of fields such as office automation, industrial medicine, home appliances and industrial equipment, to support efficient, safe and comfortable lives.