Human Resource Solution Business


Staff members who know everything about products, manufacturing processes and production sites are taking an active role in each region of Japan, China and ASEAN member countries.

  • Worker dispatch for manufacturing:
    Contracted manufacture: Establish dispatch / work contract framework utilizing global networks and solve customers' issues by concrete methods such as process diagnosis service
  • Engineer dispatch service:
    Offer design/development engineering that suits customers' requirements
  • Repairs and customer service:
    Offer various services, starting with repairs, as one-stop services

Realization of new proposals for quality control and production efficiency through deep knowledge of manufacturing site

We have been training staff members who help achieve customers’ manufacturing needs using advanced technology through unique education programs and career plans, in an attempt to hand down traditional Japanese manufacturing culture, and deal with contracted manufacture before other companies in the industry to accumulate various know-how.
In a field which always requires new technology, we offer speeded-up development by dispatching design/development engineers who satisfy customers’ requirements and offer repairs and after-sales services for various products as a service partner of our customers. We deploy a wide range of services, including onsite maintenance work, commissioned maintenance and analysis work using our top-class rework facilities in Japan, and comprehensive contract-based inspection work and manufacturing services.

Establishment of flexible manufacturing framework linking Japan with overseas countries through inter-group networks

We link sites in Japan with those in overseas countries from the perspective of staffing service, line establishment, system establishment and manufacturing/production utilizing group networks, and establish a low-cost and high-quality manufacturing framework. We facilitate frameworks in accordance with the legal structure of each country and respond to customers’ various requirements.