Electronics Manufacturing Service Business


We offer a wide range of services concerning board assembly through an integrated production process and firm management system with a guarantee of Japanese quality.

  • Flexible compliance with customers’ requirements as one-stop services through highly-skilled assembly from design to component procurement, mass production and overseas production
  • The process covering component procurement to assembly is possible at overseas sites, and we support overseas transfer of manufacturing.
  • Deployment of contracted manufacture and production subcontracting that suit customers’ requirements utilizing know-how cultivated at manufacturing sites

Deploying a wide range of services globally as professionals in board assembly

We flexibly comply with customers’ requirements in various areas and processes of electrical and electronic parts manufacturing, such as mounting, pressing, molding, finished products assembly, trial production, component procurement and inspection. We establish a flexible manufacturing framework incorporating process units, small lot production of a range of products as well as integrated production and mass production, which are supported by engineers in Japan and abroad pursing productivity and quality improvements.
There is no boarder in technology. We respond to requests from customers by establishing production lines with high-quality mounting and low costs utilizing our group synergy.

We contribute to the enhancement of customers’ competitiveness in the electronic device sector.

Electronic devices are indispensable to various industries, such as earth-friendly energy-saving home electric appliances and automobile, digitalized amusement devices, and automated and labor-saving devices in production facilities. Board assembly technology plays an important role in product quality, and the nms Group offers the most suitable solution to suit customers’ requirements.