Message from President

The success and growth of each and
every employee are the source of
our values that we deliver to
our customers.

nms Holdings Corporation
President and CEO
Fumiaki Ono

Our goal is to achieve valuable growth for our customers and employees through Human Resources Development and Manufacturing.

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We, the nms group, originally started out as human resource services, and have expanded our business to manufacturing, aiming to become a true business partner of our customers.
Today, our stage has expanded globally and our role has become diversified as well. What supports this and what creates our customers’ values are the success and growth of our individual employees who are working in various countries and regions.

There are no national boundaries with respect to Human Resources Development and Manufacturing.
Japan and other Asian countries have different cultures, but we have the same intentions: To achieve individual growth as well as growth all together. As this idea spreads, a new possibility opens and the idea becomes part of our culture.
Our basics will never change.
Both Human Resources Development and Manufacturing are the exclusive style of the nms group, which provides the basis of our sustainable growth.

Bringing Japanese manufacturing quality to the world.

Bringing individual advantages together and contributing to the development of various countries and regions.
As market structures change and the production base of the manufacturing industry spreads globally, flexibility becomes an important keyword.
The nms group has expanded production bases to seven countries, mainly in Asia, and is running HS, EMS and PS businesses. Our focus in doing those businesses is on the Japanese manufacturing quality. For example, even with the development of digital technologies, the importance of analog technologies increases with regard to product quality and safety. The nms group will play a role in those fields as well to contribute to quality improvement of our customers. We are convinced that developing personnel who are well informed about manufacturing and improving the quality in each country and region will lead to the development of society as well.

In April 2017, the nms group enters a new stage.
We will continue to provide various values through our corporate activities. The nms group aims to grow as a unique corporate group that have full of individuality and presence. We are committed to meeting customer expectations and ask for your continued support.

Japanese manufacturing quality to the world.
We will continue to grow together with customers.

nms Holdings Corporation
President and CEO
Fumiaki Ono