Corporate Identity

Our corporate logo projects the following three concepts of our company.

  • (1) We are a company that deploys human resource development and manufacturing at stages beyond conventional boundaries
  • (2) We are a company that turns things "that cannot be done" into things “that can be done” with pride in the work we have responsibility for
  • (3) We are a company that thinks seriously and earnestly about the future of our employees and society

The three letters of "n, m and s" in our logotype have a form that combines two images in terms of being linear (resolute) and curved (flexible). This also expresses the two images of "technological strength to open up the future" and "flexibility to meet the changes in the times." Moreover, we have adopted lower case letters. Together with a sense of affinity, this expresses an image of “working earnestly without airs" while containing the meaning of “not forgetting our original intentions."