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Message from President

Supporting “monozukuri” of Japan  beyond a country, beyond conventional common sense

Since the establishment, we have been operating, committing ourselves to support Japan’s manufacturing. Today, with all the know-how we have accumulated over the years, we provide quality solutions with the services of ‘dispatch of workers and contract manufacturing’, ‘repairing and customer service’, ‘dispatch of engineers’, ‘EMS’, ‘overseas operation support’ and ‘power supply business’ that are highly appreciated by our customers.

Integrating manufacturing and human resource development, our strength is the capability of providing one-stop solution from development / designing to logistics, repairing and customer services that is unique to us. We are working hard as entire group daily to further improve our services and to gain trust of more customers in more occasions.

Internationally, we have operational offices in China and ASEAN countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia, and we provide total overseas business expansion support for those customers who are considering of expanding business overseas, facilitating adaptation to local environments. And for those who are already operating overseas, we provide solutions for individual issues of our customers.

There are no boundaries for our manufacturing, and the human resource development that support it. It is the same for our employees and for our engineers we dispatch. The first issue for a global operation of business is communication, but we think that humanity is more important than language skills. Being liked by colleagues at site, trusted by them and able to exert leadership are essential. We develop people who are able to communicate not only by languages, but also by heart.

After the ‘rapid-growth period’, through the ‘lost twenty years’, we think Japan is entering a new era similar to Meiji Restoration in the past. Valuing the virtues of Japanese such as sincerity, diligence and courtesy, Japan’s manufacturing expands its boundaries to the world. We aim to be the best global partner of such customers of ours, and we are committed to provide quality services of added values and well-established dependability.

Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation
President and CEO
Fumiaki Ono

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